"We train people and correct dogs"

Useful Techniques

Useful Techniques

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An advanced set of skills for owners, tackling dogs with undesirable behaviours. Being simple and hassle free, it is easy for the young and old to comprehend. 2 sessions are all you need!

Great Responses

Great Responses

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Assisted and mentored over hundred dog owners since we pioneered Behavioural Corrective Programme (BCP) a year ago. We have received nice feedbacks from the owners! You can read the testimonials to find out how the dog owners had transformed into “Pack Leaders” through our BCP!

Post-Service Support

Post-Service Support

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We do not simply stop after the BCP sessions. We are still approachable if you need more assistance, tips and advices! We will be more than happy to respond back the soonest possible!

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Founded in June 2014, we are a team with only one aim in mind, that is to help every dog achieve a balanced state of mind. In addition, we want you to be able to enjoy the company of your dog in the healthiest environment possible too.


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Would you like living in a home with a dog constantly barking at neighbours passing by your door? Or constantly being worried, dreading the next moment when your dog might snap at your family members or friends who are visiting?

How about a dog that never seems to be able to do his or her business on the pee tray? Or one which would never hesitate to howl the entire day the moment you step out of the house for work or maybe even a dinner appointment?

If it all sounds too familiar, it is time for you to undergo some training.

Yes, you read that right. You, the pawrent of the “disobedient child in the house” will be undergoing the training.

Our BCP (Behavioral Corrective Programme) focuses on the aforementioned undesirable behaviors. Only a total of 2 sessions, the methods used are simple and hassle free, easy for the young and old to comprehend.

Our company’s tagline “We train people and correct dogs” fuels the idea of our BCP. It has been transforming the lives of many pawrents and their dogs, are you ready to witness the magic of it?

For more information, email us at thek9packleader@gmail.com or contact us at 81113004.