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    Project : Kite

    A final year animation project
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    An Adventure Unfolds

    It all begins with a kite flying session...
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    2D/3D Experiment

    An attempt to recreate 2D animation in 3D scene.

Autodesk Maya

The main tool used to create and animate the kite and characters. Low poly scene objects (complementing with textures) were also created.

Adobe Photoshop

The tool used to create textures for the scene and testing color composition for the environment of the scene rendered.

Adobe Premiere Pro

The tool used to combine frames rendered for the animation. Also used to test the flow of various layers rendered for the scene.

Adobe After Effects

Post production work (e.g. effects) for the animation. The tool was also used to create certain scenes with the aid of its plugins.

Pixologic ZBrush

The tool was used to create certain objects faster due to its flexibility and ability to create the texture with bump, depth and shadow.

Adobe Illustrator

The tool was used to create simple texture (i.e. torn kite) where clarity is needed (e.g. close-up shot) for the scene.

A Summary

A boy brings his kite to the field and fly the kite. While flying the kite, he trips over a rock and falls. The boy let loose of the rope. The kite flies off.

The kite embarks on a journey it had never once experienced. Just when the flight goes smoothly, a series of unforeseen events takes place. Will the kite end its journey sound and safe?

Or will the kite...



Yi Cong

Final Year student

A young fellow with an open mind and intense curiosity to explore new techniques and various ways for problem solving.

Animation project under the Supervision of:

The Approach.

An attempt to create a 2D animation through 3D software to establish a 3-dimensional environment and feel, a contrast as compared to the flat scene illustrated with painting software. However, a few similar methods are used, such as motion created by changing the position of the layers.

The characters are first designed by various sketches, which will later be built into a model and rigs with the 3D software. Outlines will be inputed, eliminating the shadows and shades to create a 2D feel for the characters modelled. With the aid of the 3D software, various camera movement techniques can be applied to different angles of the characters for various scene where neccessary.

Visual Appeal


Technical aspects




Sound and Music





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